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By phone

Urgent appointments can only be made by phone.

Call 056 44 38 07

What should I consider prior to my visit ?

  • Bring along:

    • identity card
    • mutuality label
    • list of medications
    • list of allergies (if known)
    • referral letter GP
    • blood results or X-ray (if relevant)
  • Inform the doctor:

    • in case of pregnancy
    • in case of breastfeeding
    • of any suspected or known allergies
  • Payment

    • Cash
    • Debit card
  • We appreciate your understanding

    • Are you visiting with two or more people ? We kindly ask you to make 2 or more appointments.

    • For surgical procedures, laser, allergy tests, please book an introductary consultation for discussing and booking your surgery, laser or test appointment.

    • Cancellation of the appointment is free until 48 hours prior to your visit.

    • You can contact the doctor only by phone regarding your personal medical record follow up (preferably at times indicated by the personal assistent). Medical advice is not provided over the phone nor by e-mail.

    • The doctor will not deliver prescriptions in large numbers or without consultation. The doctor is only allowed to deliver certificates based on true, perceptible facts.